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Ruby Virtual Receptionist: Live Chat Solution for Small Businesses

Discover the Ruby Virtual Receptionist, the #1 live chat solution for small businesses. With over 20 years of experience, Ruby has perfected the art of providing excellent customer service through personal communication. Whether engaging with website visitors through managed live chat or answering phone calls with a human touch, Ruby ensures that every interaction is an opportunity to delight customers and capture more business.

With flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs, Ruby is your trusted partner in growing your business and increasing customer loyalty. Experience the Ruby difference today and see how it can transform your customer communication.


In today’s fast-paced business world, effective customer communication is critical to success. That’s where Ruby comes in. Ruby is the #1 virtual receptionist and live chat solution for small businesses, offering comprehensive and personalized communication services to help businesses thrive. Whether it’s answering phone calls or engaging with website visitors, Ruby’s solutions are designed to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Let’s explore the benefits of Ruby’s virtual receptionist and live chat solutions and how Ruby helps small businesses grow and succeed.

About Ruby

Ruby has been delighting customers for 20 years with its human-powered virtual receptionist and live chat solutions. Founded in 2003, Ruby has built a reputation for excellence in customer service and personalized communication. With a team of highly skilled conversationalists, Ruby goes beyond just answering calls and chats to create meaningful connections with the people businesses serve. Ruby’s commitment to continuous improvement and professional development ensures that its virtual receptionists and live chat specialists provide exceptional service.

Benefits of Ruby Virtual Receptionist

Ruby’s virtual receptionist service is a game-changer for small businesses. Here are some of the key benefits it offers:

24/7 Call Answering

Ruby Virtual Receptionist: Live Chat Solution for Small Businesses

Ruby’s virtual receptionists are available round the clock to greet callers and ensure that every call is answered promptly and professionally. Whether it’s during business hours or after-hours, Ruby has got you covered.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

Ruby’s virtual receptionists are trained in conflict resolution, active listening, and personalized communication techniques. They know how to turn even the shortest interactions into big wins for your business by creating meaningful connections with callers and providing exceptional customer experiences.

Customizable Plans

No two businesses are the same, which is why Ruby offers customizable plans to suit the unique needs of each business. From part-time backup to full-service support, Ruby has flexible solutions that can be tailored to help businesses reach their goals.

Benefits of Ruby Live Chat Solution

In today’s digital age, live chat has become an increasingly important tool for customer engagement. Ruby’s live chat solution offers a range of benefits for small businesses:

Real Live Chat Specialists

Unlike chatbots, Ruby’s live chat specialists are real people who engage with website visitors in real-time. They are highly skilled in lead generation and sales conversion, ensuring that every chat interaction has the potential to turn into a valuable business opportunity.

Lead Generation and Sales

Ruby’s live chat solution is not just about engaging with website visitors, but also about generating leads and driving sales. By providing personalized assistance and capturing visitor information, Ruby helps businesses turn website traffic into qualified leads and customers.

Integration with Website

Ruby’s live chat solution seamlessly integrates with your website, making it easy for visitors to engage with your business. With Ruby’s live chat specialists available to provide instant assistance, you can enhance website visibility, streamline sales conversations, and provide a superior user experience.

Why Choose Ruby

Unparalleled Experience

With over two decades of experience, Ruby has honed its customer communication expertise. The company has built a culture focused on excellence, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Ruby’s virtual receptionists and live chat specialists are trained in conflict resolution, active listening, and customer satisfaction techniques, ensuring that every interaction with a customer is a positive one.

Superpowered Technology

While technology can never replace people, Ruby leverages technology to enhance its service. With industry-leading answering speeds, access to important local and business details, and the ability to sound like a seamless extension of your team, Ruby’s proprietary tools empower its virtual receptionists and live chat specialists to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Real People in the People Business

Ruby understands that at the core of every business are real people. That’s why Ruby invests in its team and fosters a rewarding and welcoming workforce culture. With 120 hours of professional training and a commitment to personal and professional development, Ruby’s team members are equipped to deliver delight to every customer interaction.

How Ruby Helps Small Businesses

Ruby’s solutions are specifically designed to help small businesses thrive. Here’s how Ruby supports small businesses:

Delighting Customers

By providing exceptional customer experiences, Ruby helps small businesses stand out from the competition. Ruby’s virtual receptionists and live chat specialists know how to create meaningful connections with callers and website visitors, leaving a positive impression and generating customer loyalty.

Increasing Customer Loyalty

When customers feel valued and heard, they are more likely to become loyal advocates for a business. Ruby’s personalized communication approach helps businesses build strong relationships with their customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Driving Business Growth

With Ruby’s support, small businesses can focus on what they do best, while Ruby takes care of answering calls, engaging with website visitors, and capturing valuable business opportunities. By partnering with Ruby, small businesses can streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately drive business growth.

Ruby Integrations

Ruby understands that small businesses use a variety of software platforms and tools to run their operations. That’s why Ruby offers integrations with popular software platforms to make the customer communication process even smoother. Some of the benefits of Ruby’s integrations include:

Integration with Software Platforms

Ruby integrates with widely used software platforms such as CRM systems, help desk platforms, calendar management tools, and more. This integration allows for seamless transfer of customer information and provides a unified view of customer interactions across different channels.

Benefits of Integrations

Integrating Ruby with other software platforms enhances efficiency and productivity for small businesses. By centralizing customer information and streamlining workflows, integrations with Ruby save time and effort for small business owners and their teams.

Ruby Virtual Receptionist: Live Chat Solution for Small Businesses


Ruby provides a range of resources to help small businesses make the most of their customer communication efforts. Here are some of the resources available:

Ruby Help Center

The Ruby Help Center is a comprehensive knowledge base that offers articles, guides, and FAQs to help businesses navigate and optimize their use of Ruby’s solutions. Whether you have a technical question or need guidance on using Ruby’s features, the Help Center is a valuable resource.

Article Library

Ruby’s article library is a collection of informative articles on various topics related to customer communication, virtual receptionists, live chat, and small business growth. Explore the library to gain insights and practical tips for improving your customer communication strategies.

Case Studies

Hear from other small businesses that have benefited from Ruby’s services by reading their success stories in the case studies section. These real-world examples showcase how Ruby has helped businesses delight their customers, increase customer loyalty, and drive business growth.


Ruby offers ebooks on topics such as lead generation, virtual receptionists, and the ROI of personal connections. These ebooks provide in-depth insights and practical advice to help small businesses supercharge their growth and make the most of Ruby’s solutions.


For businesses looking for more hands-on guidance, Ruby offers workshops on various topics related to customer communication and small business success. These workshops provide interactive learning opportunities and practical strategies for improving customer engagement.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what small businesses have to say about Ruby:

Reviews from Small Businesses

Small businesses across various industries have praised Ruby for its exceptional service and the impact it has had on their operations. From healthcare professionals to legal firms and home service providers, businesses of all kinds have experienced success by investing in Ruby’s virtual receptionist and live chat solutions.

Ruby Virtual Receptionist: Live Chat Solution for Small Businesses

Contact Ruby

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of Ruby’s virtual receptionist and live chat solutions for your small business, here’s how you can get in touch:

Sales Enquiries

To learn more about Ruby’s services and discuss how they can meet your specific business needs, you can contact Ruby’s sales team. They will be happy to provide information and guidance on the best solution for your business.

Customer Support

For existing Ruby customers, the customer support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may have. Ruby prides itself on its exceptional customer support, so you can count on prompt and helpful assistance.

Legal Information

To ensure transparency and compliance, Ruby provides legal information regarding its services:

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use outline the terms and conditions for using Ruby’s services. It covers topics such as user responsibilities, intellectual property rights, and limitations of liability. It’s important to review and understand these terms before using Ruby’s solutions.

Privacy Policy

Ruby’s Privacy Policy explains how personal information is collected, used, and protected. It outlines Ruby’s commitment to privacy and security, ensuring that customer information is handled responsibly and in accordance with relevant privacy laws.

By prioritizing exceptional customer experiences, personalized communication, and business growth, Ruby has established itself as the go-to virtual receptionist and live chat solution for small businesses. With its unparalleled experience, superpowered technology, and real people in the people business, Ruby is a trusted partner for businesses looking to succeed in today’s competitive market. Contact Ruby today to learn how their solutions can help your small business thrive.


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